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  公司连续多年被沈阳市人民政府命名为“先进企业”称号,并取得ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证、全国工业产品生产许可证、煤矿产品安全标志证、中石油、中石化入网证等行业准入资质,资信度为“AAA”企业。 公司现有职工168人,工程及专业技术人员27人,其中高级工程技术人员8人;年产值8000多万元。
Company Briefing
Shenyang No.1 Pump Co., Ltd (Shenyang No.1 pump Manufactory), hereafter referred as “SYFP”, is one of the key enterprises specializing in manufacturing pump products.
SYFP has been nominated as “Advanced Enterprise” by Shenyang People’s Government for decades and is  ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certified.
SYFP has also acquired State Production License for Industrial Products and Safety Mark Certificate for Mining Products, and ranked as “AAA Credit” Enterprise.
Firstly established in 1962,  SYFP situates on an area of 32, 000 m2 , out of which, a building area of 17, 000 m2. It possesses fixed assets of RMB 30 Million Yuan.
SYFP owns over 180 sets of machinery and equipment in various types as well as 1,000 m3 of water basin volume in testing pump station and a Grade-III Measurement Testing Room.
The corporation now has 318 employees and 115 engineers and technicians, among which there are 21 senior engineers and  technicians.
SYFP’s annual production value is estimated at over RMB 60 million Yuan, annual profits and taxes are estimated at about RMB 6.0million Yuan.
Since its establishment,  SYFP has been specialized in the manufacturing of industrial pumps, and has attracted a group of professional engineers and technicians. With talented technical forces, well-equipped facilities and equipment, and advanced processing technique to safeguard the manufacturing and development capacity for products,  over the past years, SYFP has actively served multi-industries including petroleum, chemical, power station, mining, metallurgy, papermaking, sugar making, food, environmental protection, military, and others.
The products manufactured in  SYFP has been well known and sold to Latin America, South East Asian, and other countries and areas.  The corporation has been a tremendous contributor to national economy development.
International standard and national GB standard has been adopted by all products manufactured by SYFP. Solid foundation has been laid by utilizing microcomputer quality control system for the factory’s development towards internationalization and standardization, and production of high-efficiency and energy-saving products.
Products from SYFP can be classified as: pump in power station, petrochemical pumps, metallurgy pumps and environmental-protection pumps.
The pump in power station mainly includes feed-water pump for the boilers, condensate pump, water circulating pump and thermal pump; Petrochemical pump includes IY, AY, YY-type pump, IH-chemical pump, GSJH type, JSY type, HZA-process pump; Environmental protection pumps include horizontal sewage pumps, vertical sewage pumps and IS-clear water pumps.
In terms of quality assurance and quality control,  SYFP has been an industry leader among other domestic peer enterprises.
SYFP’s products have been well known and utilized in all industries around the country with timely, excellent and favorable after-sale services. SYFP sets a professional testing pump station and conducts full pre –sale performance testing . In particular, SYFP carries out after-sale product tracking service, provides after- sale customer services in aspect of products installation and debugging. It has earned great trust and praise from the customers.
As China’s economy develops at great high speed, SYFP will improve product’s quality further with setting further internal reformation as opportunity, self-creation as key point, and market demand as guide to meet the challenges after China entering the WTO with superior customer services and
refreshing style and features.
Shenyang No.1 Pump Co., Ltd (Shenyang No.1 Pump Manufactory) wishes to contribute to China’s
economic development with people in various fields.
Song Jingyao, General Manager of Shenyang first Pump Co., Ltd and all employees welcome people in different fields to visit our factory and provide guidance and feedbacks to make us a better company to serve you.